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    Do you have trouble finding the right set of words while speaking or writing? Would you like to know better alternatives for the words that you already use? Our Vocab Booster course will help you beef up your vocabulary and learn words that you can use in a variety of ways daily. A strong vocabulary is not only limited writing precisely but also to help you use language in the best way possible to communicate your thoughts and ideas A Good range of vocabulary will help you create a strong presence in any social setting and increase your level of confidence while communicating in groups.
Course Fee
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Rs. ₹1999/-Rs. ₹1500/-

* New Batch start from 23 OCT 2020

What you'll learn
  • Learn essential words that are often used in your daily conversations.
  • Ways to creatively use words that lend your sentences more meaning and impact.
  • Ways to broaden your use of language that will develop a strong writing skill.
  • Key range of vocabulary important for various proficiency examinations.
    Vocab Booster course is more than just learning words!
    A rich vocabulary doesn’t just mean knowing big and complicated words, but also having a fair knowledge of the use of idioms and phrases that bring more substance and dimension to your language.
    Your reliability in what you want to convey defines the reach of your content.
    The wider your use of vocabulary is, the more assertive you feel while expressing your words.
    Tailor your use of language whilst boosting your vocab so that you flawlessly adapt your newly expanded vocabulary in your day to day use.

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