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Stimulator English Course for Advanced learners.

    Do you enjoy learning English and want to become an expert? Are you done with your basics and would like to hone your English skills further?
    Then the Stimulator English Course is the first step in your journey to speaking and writing English perfectly. This is an intensive course that will deepen your understanding of grammatical concepts as well as help you express yourself well through speaking and writing accurate English.
Course Fee
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Rs. ₹2999/-Rs. ₹1800/-

* New Batch start from 23 OCT 2020

What you'll learn
  • Basic grammar concepts like Types of Sentences, Parts of Speech and Tenses.
  • Advanced grammar concepts like Modals, types of Articles, forms of Verbs, types of Adverbs, types of Prepositions, Conjunctions and Interjections.
  • Functional grammar concepts like Negation, Question Formations, Question Tags, Change of Voice and Direct and Indirect Speech.
  • Activities of reading and interpreting different English texts.
  • Activities of enactment and role-play in varied situations using English language.
Stimulate your brain!
    This is an advanced level course and is designed to make the learners use their basics of English to study more complex topics and use the language in more challenging ways.

    But while the course covers difficult topics, it also provides students plenty of easy to understand examples and stimulating activities. This ensures that learning remains a fun and interesting experience that the students will enjoy.

    As this is a language course, we also understand that just learning concepts is not enough without making practical use of them. This is why the course includes activities for interpreting varied texts in English, so that you can analyze texts and see them from multiple points of view.

    Along with this, scene enactment is also a part of the course to bring out your creativity as well as give you the experience of speaking in English in different situations.

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