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Innovator English Course

    Do you understand the basics of English speaking but can’t write in English very well? Would you like to get a proper understanding of basic English grammar?

    Then our Innovator English Course is the one for you. This course focuses on giving you a thorough understanding of English grammar while also elevating your basic spoken English skills.
Course Fee
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Rs. ₹2999/-Rs. ₹1800/-

* New Batch start from 23 OCT 2020

What you'll learn
  • Basic Parts of Speech in English grammar, including Nouns, Pronouns, Articles, Verbs and Prepositions.
  • The concepts of synonyms, antonyms and their functions and importance.
  • Basic Tenses and their different forms.
  • Word order in English sentences.
  • Reading aloud activities.
  • Functional English required in different situations like shopping, getting medical help, at a restaurant, etc.
  • Conversational English to talk on varied topics like your city, your dreams and fantasies, the festivals you celebrate, etc.
Innovate upon your basics!
    This course primarily focuses on giving you a good understanding of English grammar and its core concepts. This will help you improve your English comprehension as well as writing skills.

    Also, building on your better understanding of basic grammar, we will help you to widen your vocabulary as well as conversational skills. The course includes innovative topics of conversation so that you can have a fluent conversation in English with your friends and family.

    Apart from easy conversation, the course will also give you some guidelines and a basic vocabulary to use English efficiently for practical purposes, such as shopping, ordering food, at a hospital, etc.

    The course also includes reading aloud activities to aide your reading skills and improve your pronunciation.

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