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Essential English Course for Beginners

    Do you know a little English but lack fluency of speech? Does your pronunciation need polishing? Would you like to become better at everyday English speaking?

    Then our Essential English Course is perfect for you! This course is specifically designed to make your pronunciation top-notch and give you fluency in day-to-day English speaking.
Course Fee
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Rs. ₹2999/-Rs. ₹1800/-

* New Batch start from 23 OCT 2020

What you'll learn
  • Thorough understanding of the pronunciation of the English Alphabet from A-Z
  • Sounds of English- Consonant clusters and Silent Consonants
  • Self-Introduction (Formal and Informal)
  • English for everyday conversation like greetings, days of the week, months, ailments, colours, shapes, household chores, etc
  • Basic conversational manners like politeness markers, tone variations, etc.
  • Basic Functional English through Imperative sentences
  • Pronunciation development through fun activities like tongue twisters
Get your basics right!
    Since this is a beginner’s course, it focuses on giving you a firm foundation in English speaking. The first step in this is perfecting your pronunciation. This ensures that the vocabulary you build over the course duration and any new words you learn will be used perfectly.

    The second step is giving you some basic sentences and guidelines to make daily English conversation easy and increase your confidence. It will also give you a simple structure on which you can build more

    Through our two-step method, the Essential English Course will help you speak perfect English with ease and finesse. For more details, Contact us now!

    Before enrolling for the course, you are only required to have basic knowledge about the English alphabet and simple sentences.

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