About Prominent


“Your excellence is our passion.”


  • To be recognized as the symbol of excellence.
  • To be recognized as the expert in providing quality education and training that enable diverse individual to achieve its goals.
  • The purpose of prominent is to enhance, practice and promote the language in order to empower to take giant leap in their professional lives.
  • To be a leader in providing quality training solutions to a multilinguistic society.
  • To be India’s most prolific training institute, where every individual can discover and enhance their abilities to progress in their careers.


  1. P – We are acting in advance to deal with an anticipated unforeseen Challenge.
  2. Radiant – We add value to you as radiant as sun.
  3. Originality – Originality & Authenticity is the only way prosperity.
  4. Magnificent – Our dedication towards you attitude your skill, your knowledge, your confidence to make you a magnificent personality.
  5. Integrity – Our principle of integrity is regarding the honesty, truthfulness & sincerity towards accomplishment.
  6. Novelty - Our novelty is to approach the way we empower, enrich, enlighten, individual minds into an extraordinary profession.
  7. Expertise –We maximize your potential grow your expertise and help you to take smart decision & build an incredible career.
  8. Nurture – Your inherent potential & vitality of every individual. We nurture the seed to make flowers of tomorrow.
  9. Talent – Talent is a god gift. We help to expose & channelize the talent.

Team Of Prominent...

We are a young & dynamic bunch of individuals who takes immense pride in our organization goals and are extremely passionate to contribute to your success & glory.

Collectively we carry over 100 years of experience in management, teaching, CRM, hospitality and posses a rich and versatile exposure from global organization.

We have collective expertise in English trainers, personality development coaches and subject several functional areas.


  • Qualified workforce: Integration of training, research and service.
  • Training of individuals across the life span.
  • Boosting and upgrading the vocational skill.

Uphold high scholastic and professional standards. Providing a quality vocational environment perpetual service. Comprehensive development of individual enrichment of aptitude.

Why Prominent...!

We at prominent, put up a client at the epicenter of our perspective and give paramount importance to customer satisfaction.

We believe in partnering with the customer, understanding their desired training needs and giving them holistic solutions which can suit best to their requirements.

We have a scientifically proven and best-in-industry approach to cater to individual assessment development and the transformation to a through professional.

Prominent is not just a training institute but also a conducive, life changing learning environment.

Prominent implements innovative teaching techniques and state-of-art infrastructure with international standards curriculum, for all its courses.