In this module we provide pure practice of communication to kids on daily basis as we know practice makes man perfect in everything, so here we are applying the same logic and providing students a beneficial surrounding where they can practice what they have learnt earlier.

The real reason we fall in love with languages in the first place – we want to have the ability to talk to anyone, from anywhere in the world. When you have enough skills under your belt to open up your mouth and chat to people, really using the language, it’s genuinely exciting. Talking to people in their own language is challenging too – trying to keep up with the speed of the words, the new words and sentence structures you’re not used to, slang words and dialects –the challenge and excitement can be incredibly motivating.

Speaking English out loud helps to expose any gaps in your g – whether it’s to finish a sentence or understand what they’re vocabulary and grammar. When you’re talking to someone and struggling saying, it shows you instantly what you do know and what you don’t, where you’re doing well and what you need to improve. You can learn from your mistakes, and often speaking with a native English speaker is the quickest way to correct them – they can point out to you where you’re going wrong, and help you improve more quickly.

The vast majority of English speakers will be happy to help you, they won’t judge you, and this is where having a language partner can be a real advantage. Being able to speak regularly with someone who you trust and feel comfortable with will encourage you to speak the language even more.